What is 4k video?

What is 4k video?

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Some users may not be familiar with the term 4k video and can be confusing to others. This is not a surprising fact to know since this is just a new term that is being used for digital cinema and computer graphics. The word 4k video is an abbreviation of a newly used video resolution which is the 4k video resolution. This resolution can provide a whooping 4000 pixel resolution that produces a more detailed picture and higher image quality definition. Moreover, it is also now being utilized over the World Wide Web including video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, etc. As you navigate to these video sharing sites, you can stream and watch 4k video.

Closer look at 4k video from different aspects

4k resolution

4ktvThe 4k resolution is being used to set the highest quality possible in terms of video resolution. This is the standard resolution being use by those in the theatrical industry. However, there are various types of 4k resolutions being utilized, and the common one is the DCI 4k or the native resolution which has 4096×2160 for a total of 8,847,360 pixels overall. Other kinds of 4k include a Full Aperture that has a massive 4096×3112, followed by Academy 4k with 3656×2664 pixels. The cropped DCI 4k Cinema Scope 4096×1714 and DCI 4k flat 3996×2160 pixels comes next respectively. Furthermore, the continuous innovation also brings a 4k resolution in television which is the 4k Ultra high definition TV or 4k TV that has 4096X2160 or 3840×2160 pixels. Compare with the previous resolutions of 720p and 1080p that is named due to the amount of their vertical resolution; the 4k format on the other hand was named due to its huge 4000 pixels that comes horizontally and that will be over four times the resolution of 1080p if you do the math. With thousands of pixels being involved 4k resolution take its place at the top.

4k video file size

4K videoWe all know that the more pixels there is in a video means the more file size that it takes, so how huge can 4k video format get? So far there are still no standard being set to know the actual content of a 4k video. However, experts were able to come up with a hint to the real file size that a 4k video can consume. During a hands-on of the upcoming 4k projector of Sony which is the VM1000ES, video specialist was able to dig in and able to find out that a 4k uncompressed trailer version of the famous movie The Amazing Spiderman, which takes an enormous 500GB of hard disk space. This finding seems to be reasonable since we all know that 4k is packed with millions of pixels and each pixel cover a certain disk space. Moreover, with this fact we can clearly say that to be able to save a full length 4k film we need at least a couple of terabyte hard disk. However, due to the fact that the 4k video file size is too large to watch, sometimes you feel the need use professional 4k players to watch them.

4K Ultra HD Video

This type of resolution is considered to be the one to set the new standard in all electronic displays all throughout the world. The term Ultra HD or Ultra High Definition is being introduced by Consumer Electronics Association a year ago with a specification of 3840×2160, with a display aspect ratio of 1.78:1 for a total of 8,294,400. This type of resolution has a slightly decreased pixels compared to the native 4k having 4000 horizontal pixels, 4K UHDVideo carries a Quad Full HD resolution that is exactly four times the inferior 1080p resolution. This trend is also being taken advantage by mega electronic companies like Sony, LG, Samsung and the likes, as they start to come up with their TV monitors using Quad Full HD resolution.

4k video sample, 4k video format

4K videoLooking through some 4k video sample using the 4k video format, the 4k superiority is immediately seen compared with 720p and 1080p. It is very just to say that it is truly an Ultra HD, from the detailed images to bigger projection surface visibility. By using the 4k video sample as a basis, it can be easily concluded that this type of resolution can take viewing to a new level and it will continue to reign the battle of resolution for many years to come. On the other hand, the limitation that 4k may be facing is the fact that producing a 4k film requires high-end expensive digital cameras that can capture in such a powerful resolution. And for some 4k video formats that hosted on YouTube and other streaming services, it will spend a great deal of time loading. In this way, it’s suggested to download 4k video on your hard drive for offline playback. Even more, some customers would like to burn 4k to their DVDs for later collection. Maybe your downloaded 4k video is not the DVD compatiable format. Given this, a professional 4k video converter really comes in handy.

Everything about 4k


The creation of 4k video resolution opens the door to many opportunities and possibilities that can affect the way we watch video and the way devices and equipment are being manufactured. It just comes out a couple of years ago, but yet it created an immediate impact across the nation. There are many speculations about it; what more 4k can bring? And what is next? The answer to these is indefinite, but as long as technology evolves expect a bunch more pixels to come.

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