How to download videos on Android

As the smartphone market evolves, a great number of youths spend more and more time in shopping, listening to music, watching videos, playing games, browsing the web or connecting with friends on their mobile phones. Android, as one of the mobile operating systems of smart phones, is getting great attention from users all over the world. Being compared with iPhone or other devices, the Android mobile seems far less restrictive and far more capable, which makes it become a major force in the burgeoning smartphone industry.

For web video enthusiasts, streaming videos on the Android phone is definitely a great way to watch video on the go, but you may feel at a loss to watch media if you have little or no internet connectivity. Given this, the best bet is to download your preferred videos right on your gadgets’ storage for offline viewing. Then the first thought that crosses your mind is how you can possibly download them. There are plenty of downloaders for the computer, but seldom video downloader for Android phones. However, this is not a hassle anymore by reading through the guide, you may forget all the annoying things such as speedy bandwidth, data streaming or connectivity. Simply spare a few minutes to learn how to download videos to your Android.

Easy hacks to download videos on Android

The traditional way to enjoy a video file onto Android is to download it onto PC and then sync it to Android, which takes a lot of tedious work. In order to save you time and effort, the recommended application is Apowersoft Browser, which is specially designed for users to download online videos directly to Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC, Google Nexus, Motorola, Kindle Fire or other Android phones and tablets.

Now check it out how to perform video downloading.

Operation Steps

1. Install Apowersoft Browser

This app can be found on the official Google Play Store, you need to sign in to download and install it. When the installation is completed, simply launch the app.

2. Find your wanted videos

On the home screen of this video downloader for Android, you are given two ways to acquire videos. One way is to download video by entering the video URL into the address bar while the other is to type the keywords to search for the video for downloading.

Android downloader

3. Download video on Android

After playing your desired video, a yellow download button will appear on your Android screen. Click it to download this video on your phone. You can check the download task by entering the menu of Apowersoft Browser.

Download videos on Android

Extreme functions for Android Video Downloader

Okay, that’s it. It just takes a few minutes to download and store videos on your phone. You may play it with built-in media player or find the downloaded videos in the target folder of your Android phone. Besides being able to download, this software also possesses some additional features.

Keep the hottest videos up to date

This Android video downloader has a regular update of videos on a daily basis to guarantee that users can always get the most recent videos. To be specific, you are always be able to access the hottest and most popular videos. Directly click on the “Download” button to process video downloading.

Support a list of video sites

Almost all the popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many others are displayed on the app. The inlaid web browser allows easy access to each website. It’s an easy way to download videos on Android. Also, you can bookmark your favorite sites so that they are easier to find again.

Get screenshot with ease

Users are endowed with the ability to make any screenshot on the Apowersoft Browser. Go to the menu of this app and click “Screenshot”, then you can crop any part of this browser and edit it further.

screenshot function

Extra tips to install Android video downloader

Sometimes, for some reasons, you might want to download the APK file directly instead of downloading from Google Play Store. Please note that Android doesn’t permit users to install software from unknown sources.

make settings on Android

In order to allow installation, then the very first thing is to configure your Android phone. Just tap the “Settings” menu on your gadget, move to the Security menu, and the last step is to enable the option to allow installation of non-Google Play apps. Simply do it as steps above, you may finish installation of the Android video download app as easy as you can.


Download Videos from Various Sites on Android

Download Vimeo on Android – if you want full length movies, TV shows, user submitted clips and other interesting stuffs, try visiting Vimeo. To prevent high data charges and to enjoy a more convenient playback, it is advised to download Vimeo videos directly on your android device.

Download YouTube on Android – known for its video collection of billions of videos uploaded by users, YouTube is indeed the king of video hosting sites. From full movies to caught-on-cam video clips, everything can be found on this site. Seen something interesting, save it on your android device and easily share it with friends and families.

Download Dailymotion on Android – unlike other sites that are geographically limited, this French video sharing site can be accessed on all parts of the world. Same as other streaming websites, Dailymotion offers a huge collection of video clips and everything can be downloaded straight on your android phone.

Download VEVO on Android – enjoy tons of music videos and exclusive contents directly on your mobile phone, all you need to do is to download VEVO for Android. You can equally grab your favorite music videos and other stuffs on your phone and this in return lets you save high cost on mobile data charges.

Download Facebook on Android – With Facebook, checking out your friends’ newsfeed isn’t the only thing you can do, tons of funny clips and interesting videos can also be found on this site. If you want to save them on your phone, you can do it so with the help of free video downloaders.

Metacafe downloader for Android – for short videos, sporting events, music clips and other stuffs, you can have a visit at Metacafe. In case you want to save vids on your android smartphone, it is recommended to use a reliable downloader meant for mobile phones.

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